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Did you know in the state of Texas you have the right to choose the repair facility of your choice? Why not choose the best collision repair Plano, TX cars need? or the best Plano Collision Repair? At SheerMetal Premier Paint & Body we pride ourselves on not only providing industry leading customer service and quality collision repair in Plano, TX, but educating the customer so you can make an informed decision. We offer a life-time warranty on all repairs performed and strive to create a comfortable, supportive environment in an uncomfortable situation.

We’ll get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition by replacing any missing parts, precisely aligning the structure/seams, properly repairing/replacing any damaged panels, restoring the factory corrosion protection/seam sealer, and top it off by applying a gorgeous coat of matching paint (if necessary). And the best part is, we’ll do it quickly!

Bring your vehicle to SheerMetal and you’ll never go to another Plano Collision Repair facility in DFW. We’re that confident in our ability to exceed your expectations! Call us Today!

“Our skilled technicians will restore your vehicle’s original safety design,
while insuring the dimensions are within factory specifications.”

Original Factory Specifications

Factory seam sealers and corrosion protection are applied using applicators designed to mimic factory application.

Original Equipment Parts

SheerMetal CARSTAR uses original manufacturer replacement parts, unless otherwise requested.

Original Factory Finish

Factory texture and finish will be matched using high quality materials from PPG Industries.

Suspension Alignments

Drivability will be restored using state of the art measuring equipment, alongside road tests to insure satisfaction.

Bring your vehicle back to life with our top-notch Plano Collision Repair. Plano, TX-based Sheer Metal’s services will have your car back in normal in no time at all!

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Bring your vehicle to SheerMetal and you’ll never go to another collision repair facility in DFW.

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We’re that confident in our ability to exceed your expectations!


Looking for the best collision repair in Dallas or Plano, TX area? At SheerMetal Premier Paint and Body, we offer expert Dallas collision repair services in Plano, TX that is comfortable, supportive, and an overall friendly atmosphere. We cater specifically to each customers' situation, that is what sets us apart from all the other companies offering collision repair in Dallas and Plano. Most Plano and Dallas collision repair companies can talk the talk, but we walk the walk!



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